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Chest Exercises: How to Get a Bigger Chest

If you are wanting to bulk up then one of the target areas you need to focus on is the chest. These chest exercises utilize the best workout routines in order to develop a bigger chest. Below you will find simple instructions demonstrating how to do the best chest exercises with pictures.

Bench Press

A barbell and bench is needed for this chest exercise. Always have a spotter on bench press and incline bench press. It is much safer and your results will be 10 times greater since you will be able to rep out on every set. Make sure the spotter doesn’t leave the weight on you or takes it right off you when you are struggling. He should only assist you to complete the rep.

1. Lay down on bench and put feet up. Putting your feet up will keep you from cheating with your legs when pressing the weight up. Grip the bar either wide or close depending on which set you are on. (Wide grip should be about 8-10″ outside your shoulders, and close grip should be the width of your shoulders.) Before taking the weight off the rack take a few deep breaths and on the last breath keep your chest sticking out. (Not so that it arches your back) Take the weight off the rack. It doesn’t hurt to have the spotter help you take it off the rack for this chest exercise.

2. Lower the weight down in a steady motion, so that is just touches your chest. The bar should hit just on your nipples.

3. When pressing the weight up for this chest exercise have complete concentration, squeeze your pectoral muscles together. I like to think of trying to bring my elbows up and together during the rep (as seen below). Do not let your shoulders or lower back get involved in this chest workout. Also do not let any momentum into this chest exercise, that will only lead to injury. Keep great form and your chest will explode.

Example of bench press.

Incline Bench Press

A barbell and incline bench is needed for this chest exercise. All the same principles hold true for incline bench press as for bench press.

1. Follow step 1 of bench press, except when you bring your legs up cross them. You will be holding your legs up in the air for the entire chest exercise, also to keep from cheating.

2. Lower the weight down so that it just touches your chest. This may be hard at first since your muscles aren’t used to being stretched like this. The bar should hit just above your nipples.

3. When pressing the weight up have complete concentration. Push weight up but at little bit of an angle way from you. Again squeeze your pectoral muscles together, and picture your elbows coming together. Always keep good form in this chest exercise.

Example of incline bench press.

Example of machine bench press. It’s not as good as doing the free weight bench press demonstrated above, but it has the advantage of not needing a spotter, so you can train intensely by yourself.


This chest exercise works inside of pectorals and requires dumbbells.

1. Lay on bench and put your feet up. Take a deep breath and leave your chest sticking out, but not to arch your back. Have dumbbells raised above your chest with palms facing each other.

2. Lower weights down and out until your elbows are at the same level as the bench. Keep your elbows slightly bent for this chest workout.

3. When completing the chest exercise rep squeeze you pectoral muscles together. Concentrate on bringing your elbows together, not your hands. Picture yourself hugging a big barrel. Don’t let the weights touch at the apex of the set, and don’t rest in the middle of the this chest exercise, keep going.

Example of flat flys.

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