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How Much Can You Bench Press

If you have been training regularly for any legnth of time then you will be very familiar with this scenario at the gym. A ripped looking individual is making his way for the bench press. He seems very intense and focused in lifting the weights. His chest is enormous as are his ripped arms and his rounded shoulders. He places one forty-five pound plate after another onto the bar. After warming up sufficiently he adds another. And still yet another. The ease and control at which he performs these repetitions looks peaceful and almost machine-like.

You find yourself staring in amazement at the raw strength this individual has to lift this immense amount of weight so effortlessly. He gets up after completing one of his last sets and casually looks around and happens to looks right at you. You quickly look away in fear of your life and of the possibility that this guy might think that you have some sort of crush on him or something like that.

Well, there is no need to feel this way because I’m sure that we have all at one time or another marveled at this spectacle. Having a big bench seems to get a lot of attention and respect in the gym and even outside of it. Why do you reckon that the most commonly asked question to someone with a muscular physique is “How much can you bench press?” I’m sure that most of the individuals who are asked this question would like to have a large and legitimate number to answer it with. Along with squats and deadlifts the bench press is the benchmark for weight training exercises. The reality is that most weight trainees who lift weights to gain mass can’t bench more than 250 pounds.

The bench press would have to be the most popular exercise in the gym but this is not to suggest that it is always performed correctly. By committing yourself to following a proper training routine and using perfect form, anyone can add a significant amount of weight to their bench press. It’s important that you don’t let your ego get in the way just so you can say you can bench press some massive number if all you are doing is performing the bench press with sloppy form.

If you lift the barbell and weights with correct technique the concentrated effort will add tremendous size to your chest, shoulders and arms. Having a big bench, while keeping your body fat levels to a minimum, will make you want to take your shirt off at the beach and for most hard gainers the chest is one of the targeted areas where they want to gain more muscle.

Also keep in mind that the bench press is not the only chest building exercise. Apart from the flat bench press, incline bench press and flys, the same chest exercises can be performed with dumbbells.

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