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Top Rated Weight Gain Program

On this page you will find the current #1 weight gain program on this site aimed specifically at hard gainers who struggle to put on weight. Too many weight gain programs are nothing more than adverts to lure us into buying expensive supplements. A few however, are extremely effective, well-researched systems for packing on the pounds. We will focus on the latter here.

If you’re trying to gain weight in the shortest time possible without getting fat in the process, then No-Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince Delmonte is my #1 recommendation. The program is designed specifically to gain weight for skinny guys or gals, whether you are young or old.

No-Nonsense Muscle Building ProgramCreated by Vince DelMonte

Who is Vince DelMonte? Why should you listen to him?

Vince DelMonte describes the program as “The Skinny’s Guys Secrets To Insane Muscle Gains”. For the uninitiated, Vince was a former Canadian Fitness Model Champion, but more importantly was referred to as “Skinny Vinny” most of his young life because he was a skinny guy himself before competing in fitness model competitions. Vince took fitness modeling very seriously and in his efforts to become a champion used the exact same program to go from 150lbs to 200lbs in 6-months!

Here are some pictures of how Vince looked before and after.

How is it different from other programs?

No-Nonsense Muscle Building is a completely different program both nutritionally and from a training perspective when compared to generalized muscle building programs that do nothing for hard gainers who have super fast metabolisms.

As you’d expect both the training and dieting elements are covered in detail. Instead of just saying you need to eat big to get big, he explains in detail how to change your current eating habits to adopt a new weight gain diet. This for me is what really sets this program apart. Vince in no way sugarcoats the fact the eating a lot is no easy task, especially with the problems skinny people have such as “lack of appetite” and “I’m already eating heaps!” All of these questions are tackled thoroughly.

Vince isn’t a big fan of supplements and advocates the use of a very select few, mostly for their convenience only. He understands the importance of eating whole foods and sees value in supplements such as weight gain shakes for their nutrition value and as a way to consume extra calories. You don’t need to spend a fortune on pills and powders every month. In fact in Vince’s weight gain program he recommends that you shouldn’t.


Excellent program developed for skinny guys by someone who’s been there and conquered it. There is a 29 week workout plan for beginner to intermediate trainees and 84 day healthy meal plans so there is no excuse not to eat. It truly is a step by step system for gaining weight and building muscle with 24/7 support and a private forum for any questions you may have.


Information overload (201 page manual). The training program is based on a periodization program with cycles, so it can seem complicated at first. Your muscles learn to adapt to the same workout, so changing the workout program becomes critical if you want to maximize muscle gain.


To sum up, if you’re struggling to gain weight and build lean muscle, if you’ve hit a plateau or if your naturally very skinny, then this is the only program you should consider to get step-by-step instructions on exactly how to get it done the right way. It is evident Vince clearly has a passion for helping people to improve their physiques, and his passion comes across in his writing style.

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Here Are Some Common Questions Answered

Below is a list of commonly asked questions from people trying to gain weight fast using the top rated weight gain program I recommend for skinny hardgainers.

Do I have to be a hard gainer to use a weight gain program like the one designed by Vince Delmonte? No! The better your genetics are, the faster you will progress. Since this weight gain program was designed with hard gainers in mind it utilizes every variable imaginable for maximum results. If you are a person with average genetics your results will be multiplied using the weight gain program.

I’m female, will I gain weight and muscle using weight gain programs designed for hard gainers? Yes! The same principles apply to both men and women with only one major difference. Men and women were born with different shapes and hormones. Therefore any muscle mass you do gain will only serve to accentuate the feminine figure you’ve always wanted. You will look sexy and gain curves onto your butt and hips that men will love!

I can understand the concerns you might have about looking bulky and masculine, but keep in mind the ‘male’ testosterone hormone levels is not as high in females, and thus its tougher for women to gain muscle mass at the same rate as their male counterparts. Most women bodybuilders you see in magazines have gifted genetics (they ‘re not hard gainers like us) and are usually taking steroids (male hormones) so you can’t expect that you will make the same sort of gains to get that masculine look.

I’m a teenager, is it okay to use the weight gain programs? Of course! The weight gain program will actually work faster if you are a teenager. This is the period in your life when your anabolic hormones are at their highest. Applying a good diet and training program will give you amazing results! The only concern I have for teens is safety. Be careful not to injure yourself and make sure you have someone to spot you on the heavier lifts. Since you are still growing in your teens you do not want to become injured. This will only hold you back.

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