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High Protein Muscle Building Diet

There is more to building muscle then just lifting weights. A muscle building diet (commonly referred to as a weight gain diet or high protein diet) is a heck of a lot more important then most people give it credit for. If you are not eating enough to grow, then you will not build muscle, it’s simple. So, what is your current diet of choice to put on some bulk? Are you testing out a muscle building high protein diet plan which has proven to add lean muscle with the least amount of body fat. If you aren’t then your muscle building capacity will be greatly affected. It makes sense to follow a strict diet plan which you know works.

I used to be one of those individuals who struggled with massive weight gain. I knew I was meant to be ALWAYS eating but I did not know how to approach it properly. That was until I discovered what muscle building foods to eat, when to eat, how much to eat and specific micro nutrient ratios in order to maximize muscle gain. Even though I’ve gained 40 pounds after starting a muscle building program specifically for hardgainers, I am always trying to pack on more muscle, so a muscle building diet which is high protein has be something that you will want to stick with. This means making sure the diet is practical and contains a great deal of variety so eating doesn’t become a monotonous task. There is only so much canned tuna you can eat!

What is a good muscle building diet?

When it comes to a worthy muscle building diet, you should always remember that what you put in your body is crucial. Loads of McDonalds and Burger King will not do the trick. Hopefully you weren’t misguided in thinking that eating dirty would benefit you any. It’s basically all made up of fat and sodium. These are two elements that your body generally doesn’t need more of. Most of us get plenty of both in what we consume daily.

Now, as for a decent muscle building diet, you will require heaps of protein. Try and get a bit of protein in every meal. This is where I will make a recommendation. In addition to your high protein sources such as chicken, turkey, eggs, milk and vegetables, I will also suggest whey protein powder. This is a new-age thing. It became popular after the whole soy protein spiel, and it’s supposed to be better. Whey protein comes in a powder form and you can mix it with skim milk. I purchased a two pound container of Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein for 22 dollars. Once added with milk, fruit and cooked oats to make a weight gain shake, it’s like 40 grams of protein or more. That’s pretty decent and is convenient for a post workout drink when your muscles demand a fast digesting protein. If you are trying a muscle building diet, two whey protein shakes a day will add quite a bit to your usual eating habits.

One of the key elements that must go along with any muscle building diet is weight training. You want to build your arms, legs and abs? That’s fine! Now you have to adopt a good weight training regime. It’s imperative to build those muscles. What you’ll ideally want is high weights and low reps. This is the most efficient way to get results. Start your muscle building diet today.

Pre and Post-Workout Meals

Regardless of what you may have read, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. While you don’t want to skip breakfast, the pre and post-workout meals would have to be the most important meals of the day, because they fuel your workouts and post workout your muscles demand the nutrients to repair and build muscle tissue so you can grow.

Pre and post-workout meals will supply all the nutrition that the body needs to build muscle. During workouts the body needs essential nutrients to withstand strenuous workouts. After the workouts, the body is highly in need of essential nutrients, as it is exhausts them during workouts. A proper weight gain diet must have five to six short meals in a day, eating approximately every 3 hours like clockwork.

Muscle building nutrition must be very specific in terms of calories consumed. Adjust the calorie intake value according to how much weight you want to gain. When you increase the workouts, it amounts to reduction in intake of calories. More exercising has to be compensate with more intakes of calories to support your high intensity workouts.

Pre-workout meals should be light and higher in carbohydrates, which fuel your activity, not high-protein, and not fill your stomach. This can be done with a shake or food. If you eat too much then your system is diverting blood to digesting the food and not supplying your muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Before a strenuous high intensity workout, eat about three hours before working out to avoid indigestion. By doing so the body effectively absorbs all the nutrients and gets ready for the strenuous workouts. Liquid meals can be also be taken for a pre-workout meal. They can be more convenient because your body effectively digest liquid meals, so you can have them within half an hour of the workout.

For a post-workout meal, again either a shake or food, with a ratio of 3 or 4:1 of carbs to protein. The carbs help replenish the glycogen storage you have used while working out and fuel the body as it recovers, and the protein helps to repair and build muscle tissue. It’s also a really good idea to combine carbs with protein. In order to get the most from a protein shake you need to have the correct amount of carbs in the shake for the protein to get delivered correctly.

How long should I wait to eat after working out? Try to consume these nutrients within an hour of working out, that seems to be the best window while your body is looking to absorb these nutrients.