Do Weight Gain Pills Really Work?

I received this question from a reader who was interested to know if weight gain pills will help you gain weight?

Well I have to say that I was a little skeptic at first when I found a number of websites online which are selling weight gain pills and weight gain capsules with claims from the product’s marketers that if you take a couple of pills before every meal you will increase your appetite so you feel the need to eat more and slow down your metabolism. Without having to train or diet they claim it’s possible to gain muscle weight. Saying that I found the claims to be full of hype is an understatement to say the very least.

With such bold claims I wanted to investigate exactly what was in these weight gaining pills. I wanted to know if by popping a few pills you could really gain extra pounds of muscle so I decided to find out what was actually in them. What I found by looking at the nutrition label is that these weight gain diet pills are really nothing more then an average Multi-vitamin with pretty packaging and inflated prices. They cost about 3-5x more then a Multi-vitamin.

Multi-vitamins, although not advertised to show this benefit, are actually a really useful supplement for gaining weight. Small vitamin deficiencies can impact your appetite which affects your ability to gain weight and muscle.

So instead of paying the inflated prices on weight gain pills which are really only a repackaged Multi-vitamin, get yourself a good multi-vitamin supplement. The mistake many people make when getting started with a weight gain program is they skip on important vitamins and minerals which are a good foundation for gaining weight in favor of some glamorous bodybuilding supplement. This is a mistake.

Don’t waste your money on weight gain pills – there is no miracle pill for gaining significant size. Instead, use a good Multi-vitamin. It won’t work miracles, but either will the weight gain pills. Instead, combined with a good workout and proper weight gaining diet program it will ensure that you are successful in your quest to gain weight.