Benefits of Glutamine

Exercising at high intensities or volumes for a prolonged period of time can increase the risk of an athlete becoming sick due to weakened immune system and even over-trained. Fortunately, advances in exercise program design, nutrition, and nutritional supplements allow us to exercise intensely with a decreased risk of becoming sick or over-trained. One of the more popular nutritional supplements that has been shown to prevent illness and possibly over-training is the amino acid glutamine.

L-Glutamic Acid

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and is primarily stored in muscle cells from which it is depleted during exercise. One of the glutamine benefits and functions is to act as a source of fuel for the immune system.

Studies have shown that glutamine supplements such as Prolab Glutamine Powder can help to restore the body’s depleted stores after exercise and keep the immune system functioning properly.

In one study designed to measure the effectiveness of glutamine in preventing infections, well-trained endurance athletes supplemented with either 10 grams of glutamine in two evenly divided doses or a placebo drink after competing in an endurance sporting event such as a marathon.

The subject’s health was monitored using a health questionnaire for 7 days following the competition and supplementation experiment. Results from the study indicated that the subjects that consumed glutamine decreased the rate of infections by more than 50%. The researchers involved in this study believe that this was due to glutamines ability to maintain proper immune system function during times of great stress.

Although most people that exercise are not competitive endurance athletes, these results may have potential implications for anyone that exercises on a regular basis, whether they jog, lift weights, or compete in Ironman level triathlons.

In addition to the stresses that occur with prolonged, intense exercise, most people today also have to deal with the everyday stress caused by their career and surviving in today’s wired, 24 hour workday. To stay health and achieve your physical goals, it may make sense to supplement with glutamine following workouts and during periods of intense stress on the body. My UK friends really rate MyProtein for glutamine.