The Truth About Supplements

One issue where we all must be careful is when it comes to our health. Extreme caution is necessary about our source of information, the substances that we consume, and our general lifestyle. Many ordinary folks are resorting to the use of supplements to either lose weight or add up some bulk. Yes, some supplements can help achieve your goals but most are a waste of money.

The major disadvantage and hence worrying thing about supplements is that their use is not regulated. What this simply translates to is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), or other government regulatory agencies are not involved in ensuring that the supplements used by the people are safe. It’s up to consumers to let the FDA know that the supplement is NOT safe.

For example, take the case of the supplement ephedra. This product was the best supplement many consumers have seen for many years, as it effortlessly help those who want to shed off excess weights do so without any alteration in their feeding habits and exercise routine. While for other people, what made ephedra great was the burst of energy it provides. But unfortunately, it was discovered that ephedra was very lethal, and so had to join the long list of supplements that were pulled off the market.

Due to the fact that places like GNC and other retail outlets sell health supplements, many folks erroneously assume that the products are safe, because of the widespread belief that such reputable outlets will sell nothing but genuine and safe items. Well if you are in the same boat with these people you are all wrong, the outlets are simply in business and so will put the products on the shelf, thus the reputation of the store does not have anything to do with the safety of the supplements you are purchasing.

Weight lifters who take bodybuilding supplements must also watch it because most of these products are often labeled as “natural” but this always turns out to be false. This is so due to the fact that the FDA has no regulations for the term “natural”, and the effects of these so called natural supplements have on the body could be harmful.

The internet has hundreds of different brands of weight gain supplements for sale. However you need to be cautious about buying supplements online, so carrying out some research about the product is highly recommended. Most supplement websites feature supplement reviews for all their products, so you can see what other users think of a specific supplement. Make sure to also read any credible research studies which have been done.

Biased Research Studies

Have you ever seen a study that says such and such bodybuilding supplement work because control groups have been selected and control group A gained X amount of muscle and control group B gained Y amount of muscle? Ill bet you have. The truth is that individuals do almost all of these studies or research groups whose job is to make slanted studies look like unbiased scientific data. All studies are subject to bias when there is money involved especially big money and the supplement industry has become big money.

A lot of times supplement companies will call the research facilities and tell them that they need certain results on paper by a certain time because the adds have already been laid out. The bottles have already been labeled and the distributors are in place to pawn it off on the dealers who in turn pawn it off on you. And the research is available in the form of charts and graphs (of course) because its pretty and easy to glance at and see there data.

Its no secret that creatine works, the method that it works through is not that complicated. So why have there been over 2000 independent studies done on it? Well everyone has an interest in this supplement from a marketing standpoint. Every company wants you believing that their creatine is better or that there delivery system is superior. The end result is that some thing that should have been simple to start with becomes so unnecessarily complex that you (the consumer) feel that the supplement is so advanced that it is worth all the extra money they are asking for it. Don’t just buy something that has lab tests behind it saying that it works because Creatine that looks like Alka-Seltzer is the latest fad, er what ever!

The fact is that proper nutrition is 70-80% of a natural bodybuilders routine if he wishes to reach peak physical condition but you could spend a hell of a lot less money on your supplementation if you just learn the difference between hype and science! A lot of people looking to pack on muscle are taking pills and powders by the boatload based on these supposed studies that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this supplement works!