Weight Gain Supplements

It seems everybody is trying to lose weight, right? Weight loss products are all over the place. It’s like I can’t turn a corner without seeing someone power-walking, eating a salad, or counting calories. We clearly live in a world full of obesity. But, these people aren’t the only ones with a serious diet plan.

There are others with a daily diet plan for putting on weight. While their fitness goals may not be focused on losing weight, they are determined to look their best. They’re the ones struggling to gain weight. No, it’s not an urban legend; these folks do indeed exist. I should know; I’m one of them. So who’s up for some tasty weight gainer?

Weight gain supplements, also known as bodybuilding supplements, designed for putting on weight, haven’t really been around that long. Do you really think Arnold was chugging whey protein back in the 70s? Of course not. The guy probably had a crazy diet, filled with raw eggs, meat and calories galore. This was the way men built mass back then. I recently read a piece on weight gainer, and the body builder stated that he and his buddies used to chug gallons of milk back in the day. YUCK! Can you imagine working out and then heading straight for a gallon of whole milk? Gees, that doesn’t sound like a pretty picture. I would have probably hurled.

Fortunately we now have a range of weight gaining supplements to choose from. Now maybe the cows can take the day off. One of the best weight gainer supplements around is premium whey protein powder. This is a protein rich powder that lacks major fat content. This way you can have your cake and eat it too. I use chocolate whey protein powder as a supplement in between each meal. Each serving has about 25 grams of healthy protein. You can mix it with water, milk, juice or even yogurt. And guess what else? The good brands don’t taste bad. Mix it with milk, and it’s like drinking Ovaltine.

A few other great weight gainer products on the market now are Met-Rx meal replacement shakes and Met-RX Colossal 100 bars. Both offer all the good stuff you need for muscle repair, and proper nourishment. Keep in mind that calories are crucial. You do want plenty of protein, but you also need more calories than your body uses. This way some is stored and you gain mass. Try whey protein and Met-RX weight gainer products and find out for yourself.