Common Misconceptions about Gaining Weight

Any time someone tries to change their eating habits or any other element of their lifestyle, they will confront a great deal of mental resistance. Your mind and body don’t like change, you know. They’re happy with the status quo, even if that’s not what you want. That’s why we have to get beyond that resistance before we can move forward with your weight gain.

Below are some of the most common misconceptions about gaining weight. Many of these are probably swirling around in your thoughts right now, and some of them are preventing you from taking action:

Nutritional supplements are a must if you want to gain weight

This simply isn’t true. Supplements are only necessary in some cases. For example, if you don’t take in enough protein through your normal diet, you may want to take a protein supplement. Otherwise, supplements aren’t necessary and, furthermore, they won’t be of any help to you unless you’re already on the right path to weight gain. Supplements alone just won’t do anything for you.

Weight gain can be accomplished without gaining extra fat

Again, this just isn’t true. Most of us are so afraid of adding fat to our bodies that we end up prohibiting our bodies’ ability to gain muscle weight. When you gain weight, you will gain some fat. The key, however, is to know what to eat in order to minimize that fat gain while boosting muscle gain.

Eating more is all you need to do to gain more weight

If that was the key, then you probably wouldn’t have a problem. You could just go on eating binges every day to reach your fitness goals. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. You have to know which foods to eat, how much of them to eat, and what foods to avoid in order to gain weight in a healthy way.

Steroids are the only answer left

Absolutely not! There are too many negative health effects of anabolic steroids for it to ever be viewed as a safe way to quickly build muscle mass. High blood pressure, infertility, baldness, and jaundice are just a few of those effects. Not to mention that some researchers have linked steroid use to paranoia, delusional behavior, and other psychological changes. There are better and safer ways to achieve your goals.

If gaining weight is important to you and to your fitness goals, then we have to leave all of that doubt and misinformation behind so that we can start off on the right foot.