High Metabolism Affects Your Ability to Gain Weight

Did you know that your metabolism affects your ability to gain weight? It’s true. A fast metabolism makes it much easier to lose body fat and lose weight quicker so the opposite is true for a person with a slower metabolism who finds it easier to put on extra weight and in particular gain a lot of body fat.

If you have a high metabolism there is a formula for successful weight gain. This article on Metabolism.com covers this topic very well. In a nutshell…

Step 1: Calculating unique caloric needs for weight gain. If you want to gain weight you must consume more calories than your body requires.

Step 2: Analyzing macro-nutrient needs. You can find the macro-nutrients of every food in the USDA’s nutrient database.

Step 3: Supplementation to ensure you are getting all the vitamins/minerals and sufficient protein in your diet. Here is a list of recommended weight gaining supplements.

Step 4: Designing an effective weight training program which includes compound exercises to train multiple muscle groups.

Even if you are a born with hard gainer genetics, if you follow this strict formula you will gain weight and muscle.