How to Put on Weight Safely

If you seriously want to put on weight, you have to find a healthy way to do so by planning a good weight gain program. Sitting around and eating junk food will most definitely put pounds on your frame, but these are not the kind of pounds that you want to gain lean muscle mass. There are certain steps you want to follow religiously that help you put on weight safely. Having a disciplined diet to put on weight is an important component for putting on more muscle. This will include increasing your protein intake and consuming more calories from clean sources. You also want to be changing your workouts so that you work on gaining mass rather than burning fat.

With so many overweight people in the world, you would think it would be very easy to put on weight. The problem is that there is only a few safe ways to do so. Make sure you take the safe road if this is your goal. Don’t look for quick fixes with weight gain pills or using steroids to put on weight fast. Even though you may have skinny genetics, this doesn’t mean you can not build a much better physique, it just takes hard work, and you will still impress the ladies.

I regularly speak with skinny people who on a daily basis ask themselves how to put on weight. Many of them will talk about how they want to put on weight, but I know they really don’t mean it. They just think about the end goal without worrying about what’s involved in achieving it. In order to put on weight you need to focus on the small steps each and every day which overtime will make a difference and guarantee that you will gain weight.

When you are first trying to put on weight, it would be a good idea to count how many calories you would eat in an average day. Eat how you normally would and take note of what you eat and how many calories are in everything. This is actually a really important step when planning to put on weight.

To gain weight you need to be consuming more calories then what your body requires. If you don’t know what daily calories you are currently consuming, you won’t know how many additional calories you will need to consume to start making progressed. Once you have made the calculation, increase your calorie intake by 500 calories to begin with, and keep an eye on progress. If you are not seeing progress when incorporated with muscle building workouts, increase your caloric intake by an additional 500 calories, and re-evaluate. Worry less about what percentage of food is from carbohydrates/protein/fats and focus more on consuming sufficient calories.

This is achieved by making sure you don’t skip on meals. Have 3 large meals per day and 2-3 other snacks. Eat calorie dense foods so you are not just filling yourself with low calorie foods which satisfy your appetite but don’t do much else for gaining weight. When snacking, eat lots of nuts and seeds and other plant based fats like avocado. There is no harm in consuming good fats from these sources.