Weight Gain for Women

Wanting to gain weight and sexy curves in the right places? Forget all you hear about women, weight lifting, and “bulking up”, etc. The truth is that gaining weight for women isn’t that different to men. When it comes to putting on weight you will need to select a plan that is based on your natural body shape. The reason is that your body tends to put on weight first in places that come most natural. Hence if you want to gain weight all over (as opposed to only on your waist) then your weight gain program will need to reflect this.

It’s important to also realize that it’s difficult to identify your body shape when you are underweight. As a result, you might need to adjust your weight gain plan as you start to fill out and your shape becomes more noticeable. However, there are three generic body shapes all women should be mindful of…

The Apple Body Shape

The “apple” body shape is characterized by a wide torso and large abdomen. Men who have an apple body shape are said to have a “beer belly”, a “pot belly”, or “love handles”. Women who have an apple body shape tend to put on weight in the face, neck, chest and waist. Due to genetics you are more likely to be gaining weight on your upper body but having skinny legs. In order to gain a nice shape you will need the right exercise and diet.

The Pear Body Shape

The body is classified as pear-shaped if the waist-to-hip ratio, i.e., the size of the waist divided by the size of the hips, is 0.80 or lower. If the ratio is higher than 0.80, the body is classified as apple-shaped. Women who have a pear body shape tend to put on weight on the hips and thighs and not the upper body. In order to gain sexy curves you will need the right weight gain diet plan, which is very important, but you really need to focus on certain workout routines to target the problem areas.

The Proportionate Body Shape

Idealized by many women. The good news is that you will gain weight all over. Both exercise and diet is the key.

The Truth About Women and Weight Lifting

Whenever I suggest to women clients about using weights I usually get a lot of push back. I would like to use this article to correct myths and share some truths.

1. Weightlifting does burn calories. If it burns calories for men it works the same for the female population. To really gain quality lean muscle mass you need to pay strict attention to your diet to compensate for the effort you are making in the gym and to help repair and rebuild muscle tissue!

2. You will not look more like a man, unless you are taking steroids. Men and women were born with different hormones. Not every man who works out with weights looks like Arnold either. Therefore any muscle gain you get as a result of diet and training will only serve to accentuate the feminine shape you already have. You will look sexy and feel better about yourself!

3. If you lift weights while on a weight gain diet you will not look fat. In reality you will be performing fat burning in the gym while building muscle. Reduce the fat around a tight, toned muscle and other will notice.

Weights can help you achieve the sexy body and be prettier than ever before. Why is that? Because with weight you not only burn calories but you target parts of your body that you may want to tighten and develop.

For example you may have hit a wall on development in the buns area with the stair climber, but lunges with dumb bells may give that little extra target that you desire.

Lifting weights can also help to build confidence. I recommend machines for beginners. If you are a beginner then you may start at the machines. It helps build some strength and range of motion to move the weight. But there is something positive in confidence when you can move from machines to free weights. Also movements with weights are not restricted so you can really target those muscle groups.

Exactly what does it take to achieve good results? Well, it takes a real dedication to your diet and workout program. You would be required to exercise at least 4 or 5 times each week. And more importantly, it takes a real WANTING to see that new lean and toned body in the mirror.