What Is Your Ideal Weight?

I always get this question from readers who want to gain weight, “What is my ideal weight?” There is no such thing as an ideal weight. Your height and body frame size are only two factors which can determine your weight. Other factors which play a role include your age, fitness activity level, and general health.

When calculating your ideal body weight, consider the importance of body composition. Body composition refers to the percentage of fat, bone, and muscle in your body. If you are a very athletic and muscular person then you may weight a lot more then a person with the same height and body frame size but who leads a less active lifestyle. This is due to the fact that muscle weights more then fat because of its density. If your weight is coming from muscle then you may technically be classified as being overweight but your not really fat at all.

This is what makes using the BMI calculator flawed. It uses a mathematical formula based on a person’s height and weight to calculate a healthy weight range. Every bodybuilder would be considered obese with this measurement. The general consensus is that if you are 20% or more above your ideal weight, then the excess weight you are carrying comes from fat.

Body Fat Percentage

The perfect body fat percentage does not exist. You may perform better with a higher or lower body fat percentage. Body fat percentage can be determined by several methods, most commonly using skinfold measurements (bodyfat caliper readings). Other methods include underwater weighing, total body water (hygrometry), and whole body potassium.

Body Type

Your body type is determined by body fat percentage, body frame size, and your weight. We are all born with different genetics. Some people find it more difficult then others to gain weight and build muscle. Whilst genetics play a role in determining if you can gain weight or build muscle, they will not prevent you from achieving your fitness goals if you are committed to reaching them. You may just need to work harder to achieve them.

Ectomorph’s are commonly referred to as hard gainers because they have difficulty in gaining weight and stimulating muscle growth. The characteristics of an ectomorph include having a small chest, small bone structure, and thin build.

When taking all these factors into account when trying to determine your ideal weight, at the end of the day only you will know what weight you are happy with. As long as your healthy that’s what is most important. If you feel adding an extra 10 or 20 pounds will make you look good and give you more self confidence, then why not take up the challenge.